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Anwar Ali

Anwar Ali is a well-known figure in Indian football, having played for the senior National team and Delhi FC. He started his career with YFC and continues to showcase his skills in the I-League. Despite his age, Anwar Ali remains passionate about the sport and also coaches young players. His journey serves as an inspiration, showing that hard work and perseverance can lead to success in sports.


Kamalpreet Singh

The young talent Kamalpreet Singh has made a name for himself in Indian football, impressively representing both the U16 and U19 national teams while proudly wearing the colours of East Bengal.


Karandeep Singh

Karandeep Singh, a talented player, has represented the U19 national team and played for clubs such as Tata Jamshedpur, Minerva Punjab, Delhi FC and Mohammedan Sporting Club. His journey through various clubs showcases his versatility and skill in Indian football.


Lovepreet Singh

Lovepreet Singh, a talented goalkeeper, has represented the U19 Indian team and played for Bangalore United. In addition to his football career, he also holds a job in the Punjab Police Force. Lovepreet's dedication to both sports and public service highlights his commitment and flexibility.


Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh, originally from India, is a talented footballer who played for the Indian U16 national team and won a national championship with the Charchil Brothers Club in South Africa. Currently playing for a second division club in the USA, Singh continues to showcase his skills and commitment on the pitch. His journey reflects his hard work, talent and spirit in soccer.


Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh, a standout member of the U16 India team, not only showcased his skills on the field but also excelled in his academic pursuits. His dedication to both football and education sets him apart as a well-rounded individual with a bright future ahead.


Jatinder Kumar

Jatinder Kumar used to be a promising player on the India U16 team and won a state World Cup in South Africa. Now, he works for the Delhi Police Customs department. His switch from playing football to working in law enforcement shows how versatile and dedicated he is to serving his community with honesty and hard work.


Prem Kumar

Prem Kumar used to play for the Indian U-16 and U-19 soccer teams. He now works at Jammu Kashmir Gourmet Bank and also runs the Jagatpur Academy in Punjab. He loves both finance and soccer. His dedication and hard work inspire everyone around him.


Kartik Kanojiya

Kartik Kanojiya, a rising star who honed his skills at United Football Club, has now taken on a new challenge at Delhi FC. His journey from one club to another showcases his determination to constantly push himself to new heights in the world of football.

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Sanamdeep, a talented player who has played in the SGFI and the top

I League in India has shown his skills by taking part in 21 Khelo India games. He has won two All India University titles and has also been victorious in the Santosh Trophy twice, proving himself a true champion in Indian football.

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Mandeep Bhogal

Mandeep Bhogal, a hardworking student at DAV College, helps the BSF team as their physiotherapist. He makes sure the players are in top shape and ready to perform their best.


Karanbeer Singh

Karanbeer Singh, a former player for the India U-15 national team and a standout in All India University matches, now brings his passion for the game to his work at Delhi Railway.

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Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh is a rising star who proved his talent at the national level when he played for Sesa Goa and Sikkim United. Now he works at YFC and holds a D license as a coach.

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Karandeep, an excellent player who represented the Indian football team in the U19 team, is now showing his skills on the field for Mohun Bagan SC in the I-League.

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Kamalpreet Grewal

Kamalpreet Grewal, a talented athlete who has already worn the jersey of the Indian national team in the U16 and U19 selections, is now also thrilling fans on the pitch for FC East Bengal in the highly competitive Indian Super League.

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Sukhwinder Kumar

Sukhwinder Kumar, a permanent presence on the national stage, not only demonstrates his skills as a player but also imparts his knowledge as an A-licence coach at the well-known Barcelona Academy in Delhi.

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Sarbjit Singh

Sarbjit Singh, a dynamic presence on the national stage, not only excels as a player but also shares his expertise as a B-licensed coach, shaping the future of aspiring athletes with his passion and dedication.

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Ramandeep Singh

Ramandeep Singh, a rising star in the national sports scene, not only showcases his talent on the field as a player but also imparts his knowledge and skills as a B-licensed coach, inspiring and guiding the next generation of athletes with his passion and expertise.

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