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The Focus of Our Efforts

Packing Food in Boxes


The Volunteering program is our longest running initiative, based on the premise that making a real difference is not only possible but vital. At Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan, Volunteering is a source of great pride for our Non-Governmental Organization.

Yellow Flower


Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan is a leader in the sector and ensures that local needs and priorities come first. Our Education program offers a much-desired platform for people who deserve it most. Become a part of a brighter future and join our efforts today.

Peeling Carrots


Feeling like there are countless pressing issues that no single program could make a marked difference? Our Local Empowerment initiative has proven to be a powerful tool for Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan to successfully serve our community and improve countless lives.


Want to become a coach but don't know how?

Are you interested in becoming a coach but unsure of where to start? Look no further than Grassroot Coaching! You can begin your coaching journey at your local club or academy by joining as an intern. From there, you can work towards upgrading your coaching license. For example, you can pursue the AIFF D License. To find out more information on how to obtain this license, you can contact your local District association or state association. Don't wait any longer to pursue your passion for coaching - start your journey with Grassroot Coaching today!

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