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We, at YFC, envision an inclusive and equal society where every person is socially and economically empowered and leads a life of dignity and respect. We visualize ourselves as partners in a national and global campaign to restore childhood to millions of children deprived of their basic needs. We are committed to giving them back their childhood in terms of care, protection and chances for participation and development. We dream of an India where every child is able to fulfill her potential and grows up to be a responsible citizen capable of availing the opportunities that arise in today’s world of uncertain but unlimited possibilities.


YFC is focussed on empowering children and youth from marginalized backgrounds to not only achieve their individual potential but also to become Change Agents in their respective communities by working on health, education and gender equality as well as building qualities enabling better livelihood opportunities and promoting Youth Development,. We do this by using a sport and activity based methodology based on experiential learning also promoting a culture of fitness and health. We deliver empathy-based support towards children and youth with special needs. We aim to bring about this change in the lives of children and youth by partnering with the government, the community and the corporate sector as well as all of those who wish to give back to society.



We believe in putting ourselves in the shoes of those we serve and approaching all our work with compassion and understanding.



We are committed to embracing diversity and creating an environment where all people feel valued and respected.




We believe in working together with stakeholders and partners to achieve our goals and make a greater impact.


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