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Discover, progress, and strive.

Embark on an exhilarating internship adventure with YFC Rurka Kalan, immersing yourself in a diverse array of impactful programs. From driving Community Development and fostering Sports for Development to championing Peace Initiatives, Environmental Sustainability, and Climate Change Advocacy, your journey will extend to Education Outreach, Youth Empowerment, Healthcare Initiatives, Art and Culture Promotion, and Special Needs Education.

Apply now for an unforgettable internship experience that empowers you and unlocks the potential of young leaders.

Join us and be a part of this enriching journey!

Why Embark on an Internship with Us?

Impactful Projects:

Be a vital part of projects driving positive change in education, gender equality, and playful learning.

Playful Learning Environment:

Immerse yourself in a unique blend of play, creativity, and innovation—an adventure in every task.

Guided Mentorship:

Receive personalized mentorship from our experienced team, ensuring your growth throughout the internship.

Inclusive Culture:

Join a welcoming environment valuing diversity, where every voice is heard and respected.

Flexibility & Support:

Enjoy flexible internships tailored to your schedule, accommodating your academic commitments.

Global Networking:

Connect with like-minded individuals and professionals worldwide, building a strong network for your future.

Creativity Encouraged:

Bring your innovative ideas to life in an environment that fosters creativity and exploration.

Project Leadership:

Take charge of projects, honing leadership skills as you guide and collaborate with teams, fostering a sense of responsibility and initiative.

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