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Schools' programme

In Hindi, the word for "wisdom" is Vidya. Our education project is based on values that encourage critical thinking, questioning mind, scientific temperament, creativity, imagination, and holistic development.

We work with Government schools of the area. We believe that if we want to see changes in quality of education then we need to start at the primary level and that too with an active engagement of all the relevant stakeholders like parents, teachers, children, and governments.


YFC is currently working with more than 2000 children in schools/communities. To this end, YFC’s work within education entails the following:

  • Providing benches, uniforms, shoes, multimedia apparatus, Teaching Assistants/Youth Mentors

  • Support schools in organising sports events

  • Support schools in developing and delivering sports curriculum


Skills Development Programme

Under the Hunar (‘Skill’) Project, we provide computer education to boys and girl. The courses offered are Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) and Diploma in Information Technology (DIT). YFC Computer Centre is affiliated with Punjab Information & Communication Technology Corporation Ltd. (Punjab Infotech), a Government of Punjab Corporation as their Cal-C Centre at Rurka Kalan. For more detailed information on PGDCA and DIT courses being offered including affiliations and recognitions, please visit


After-school learning support groups

To improve the learning outcomes of our programme participants and our football players, we offer daily tuition sessions in the afternoon for different age groups. In that time, we support students with their homework and catch up on basic education in English, Maths, Politics and History.

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